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Concerning Discipline

Concerning Discipline is an inquiry into fascist body ideals. It asks about the physical architecture of fascism, asks about its structures inside and outside the body. And it shakes them; shakes them until fissures open up – chasms of exhaustion and fragility opposing the fascist logic, laying bare its violence.


Working with and against video-material of Olympia, a film produced by Leni Riefenstahl in 1936, the performance processes comparison, idealization, the beauty of the body, and the exhaustion it carries. In all of Riefenstahl’s work, bodies are depicted in their most perfect appearance. Throughout the durational performance of Concerning Discipline the physical ideal as presented by Riefenstahl is contrasted with the physical realities of the performers.

In collaboration with Charlie Ebert and Martyna Tokarska

Concerning Discipline (1)
Concerning Discipline (2)
Concerning Discipline (6)


Axel Lambrette

Artistic Advice

Borjana Gakovic, supported by MIKUB e.V.

performed at

abandoned gym in Kluszkowce, Poland


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