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physical prospects

A landscape of bodies, moss, and concrete. Resting. It slowly starts to move: A cracking sound, as if the surface of a silent landscape suddenly breaks open, as a seething underneath seeks its paths. Cracks condense, deform the landscape, bring it to life - and eventually destroy it.

physical prospects lingers in the crumbling apart, in the decay: in the opening interstices, it traces the violence of the Anthropocene. Nourished by queer practices of witnessing and accompanying grieve, and rage, physical prospects searches for modes of resistance that incorporate porosity at its base. What does such resistance look like, how does it feel, how does it materializes?

physical prospects unfolds between bodies, moss and a vast concrete landscape. The choreography not only sets the bodies in motion but also the materials so that at times the whole landscape is in flux. At times the bodies detach from the landscape and are confronted with their vulnerability and rage. And yet the bodies remain part of the dynamic: under their hands, the landscape disintegrates or breaks under its weight. Nothing remains but to witness the landscape as it falls apart. The choreographic dialogue between body and landscape searches for possibilities to endure the vulnerability and the rage together and thus manifest a counter-design.

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In 2022, physical prospects is presented as a solo within the Program of the Scene at the Performing Arts Festival Berlin.

The revival is produced by TATWERK Performative Forschung.

Unterstützt durch das NATIONALE PERFORMANCE NETZ - STEPPING OUT, gefördert von der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien im Rahmen der Initiative NEUSTART KULTUR. Hilfsprogramm Tanz.

physical prospects10_Foto Louisa Boeszoermeny
physical prospects02_Foto Louisa Boeszoermeny
physical prospects03_Foto Louisa Boeszoermeny
physical prospects01_Foto Louisa Boeszoermeny
physical prospects04_Foto Louisa Boeszoermeny
physical prospects05_Foto Louisa Boeszoermeny
physical prospects07_Foto Louisa Boeszoermeny
physical prospects13_Foto Louisa Boeszoermeny
physical prospects14_Foto Louisa Boeszoermeny

Premiered at ACUD Theater on April 23rd + 24th 2021


Louisa Boeszoermeny

Concept & Choreography

Nora Tormann


Nora Tormann, Dominique Tegho & Milena Stein

Scenography & Light

Helena Rauch


Zofia Tomczyk


Sigal Zouk

physical prospects is supported by

TATWERK Performative Forschung,

Tanzfabrik Berlin, and Theaterhaus Mitte

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